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Millstone At Adams Pond


The Millstone at Adams Pond is an absolutely phenomenal columbia wedding location.
It is located not far from downtown Columbia, off of Bluff Road. As soon as you turn into the entrance though the transformation from busy city life to quiet, mystical wonderland quickly takes place.
The entrance itself is something worthy of mentioning. The small road is lined with large trees that steer you through the forest towards a view of the pond. By the time you reach the house (about a ΒΌ of a mile) you will believe that you are no longer in or even near the city.
The house is beautiful and surrounded by magnificent wrought iron fences, and a nice wood deck that overlooks the cascading waterfall. The pond which is located a stones throw from the front of the house is a good size and makes for some great backdrops. Around the pond, even though large, it is heavily wooded and in no way hints that you are remotely close to the city.
Behind the house there is large grassy area that the creek runs adjacent too. This is an awesome place to have a wedding. Also there is a Pecan Orchard located to the left of the house that is a great place to host a wedding.
The house itself is magnificent on the inside. There are two medium to large-sized rooms and a host of other smaller rooms and bathrooms which are all decorated nicely.
Here is a trailer video that we produced at the Millstone at Adams Pond recently. It was raining at this wedding but you can still see the beauty of this magnificent Columbia Wedding location.
Wedding at the Millstone at Adams Pond
Video trailer from a wedding at the Millstone at Adams Pond
The Millstone at Adams Pond
Bluff Road
Columbia, SC