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Behind the scenes infor on the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina wedding videographers.

      We appreciate your visiting us and learning more about our high quality SC wedding video documentaries. We hope you've found enough information to move forward in choosing us as the perfect videographer for your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina wedding.

      We also wanted to take a moment and give a bit of background information about us on a more personal level. We love providing attention to detail for each wedding video we work on and really enjoy getting to know each individual couple, and we hope that you enjoy reading this little blurb about us.


      My name is James Player, and my wife is Marianna. We are so proud to be the couple behind the wedding videos that are the absolute best available in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We are very hands-on throughout the whole process of creating your video, from consultations, to filming, editing, and delivery. Every step of the way, you can count on us and our team to deliver a wedding video you'll love.

      Marianna and I got married before either of us had ever thought about having a wedding videography business, and we hired an amateur videographer for our wedding, trying to save on budget because we had hired an expensive photographer. Let's just say that if you pick the wrong videographer for your wedding day, you can't go back for a do-over. The day only happens once, but our video turned out so poorly, we have been regretting it (and in my wife's case, literally crying about it) for years since and years to come. The video of our beautiful wedding day was shaky, blurry, uninteresting, whispered from a distance through a tunnel during a tornado, and took literally YEARS for the videographer to hand over! (We see why he was holding it hostage, definitely not the best work in town.

      After being so disappointed we began talking to other couples about their experience with their wedding video and it was very similar. It was then and there that Marianna and I decided that we would do something different and break free from the mold of your typical wedding video company. Since we began filming back in 2006 things have come a long way. We have developed a product that is like no other wedding video and is referred to by the brides and grooms we work with as our wedding movies. Our wedding movies are offered under our second company name, Player Wedding Films. We also have developed a very high quality documentary product which is offered here at Absolute Productions and Media and even though the style is far simpler than our wedding movies, the documentary videos allow all couples the opportunity of a quality wedding video no matter their budget.

      While the wedding videos we produce are a very large part of our life and take up a gargantuan amount of time we actually value our family time as the most important thing. We have two incredible boys. Their names are Matthew and Daniel, and they are a blast to be around. We consider ourselves lucky to have two wonderful children and enjoy watching them grown (although it is too fast). They have drastically different personalities but in the same token they love each other and typically get along pretty well. Marianna and I enjoy a variety of things but we honestly don't have a ton of time to get into many extracurricular activities. When we do have extra time we of course try to spend time with our boys and we also enjoy being around our friends.


All our best,
James & Marianna Player
Myrtle Beach, SC wedding videographers

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