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Behind the scenes infor on the Sumter, South Carolina wedding videographers.

      We want to thank you for visiting our website about our high quality South Carolina wedding videos! We hope you've found all the information you need as you search for the perfect videographer for your Sumter wedding.

      We also wanted to take a moment and give a bit of background information about us on a more personal level. We love providing attention to detail for each wedding video we work on and really enjoy getting to know each individual couple, and we hope that you enjoy reading this little blurb about us.


      My name is James Player, and my wife is Marianna. We are so proud to be the couple behind the wedding videos that are the absolute best available in Sumter, South Carolina. We are very hands-on throughout the whole process of creating your video, from consultations, to filming, editing, and delivery. Every step of the way, you can count on us and our team to deliver a wedding video you'll love.

      We have been married for quite a while now, no longer newlyweds. Looking back, it's funny on one hand, but sad on the other - a disaster at our own wedding sparked our interest in wedding videography. We, like most couples, were trying to cut as many corners financially as we could, so we hired a cheap, amateur videographer. We had chosen an expensive photographer, and figured we didn't need much for a video, just a set up a camera and let it roll - how hard could it be? We soon found out. Well, I shouldn't say soon, since it took us several YEARS to get the videographer to give us our video. And we understand why he didn't want to give it to us, as it was NOT something to be proud of - the visuals were shaky, blurry, dim, bad lighting, and the audio, what audio? You mean you actually want to hear your vows? Sorry.

      After our great disappointment, we spoke with other couples and heard similar experiences about their wedding videos. We were sad for them, but inspired to help others! We decided to break the mold of the typical wedding video company, and set about aquiring the skills to deliver a high quality, unique product! Our wedding videos came to be known as "wedding movies" and are now offered under our branch company, Player Wedding Films. Our very high quality documentary, "as it happened" wedding videos are offered here at Absolute Productions and Media, and are offering every couple the opportunity to have a quality wedding video no matter their budget.

      While our wedding video business takes up an unbelievable amount of time (almost all of our weekends include at least one but up to four or five weddings!), we value our quality family time above all else. We are lucky to have two wonderful boys, who are two years apart, and a blast! Their names are Matthew and Daniel, and although their personalities and interests are very different, they get along quite well. We also enjoy spending time having dinner with friends and just relaxing.


All our best,
James & Marianna Player
Sumter, SC wedding videographers

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