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A Kiawah Island Beach Wedding

posted by jplayer
October 28, 2009 @ 7:33 am

Kristin Goodwin & Adam Houston were married on 10/3/09 with a beautiful Beach Wedding in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. The ceremony was held on the beach immediately behind The Sandcastle where their reception followed.

Congratulations Kristin and Adam.

Below is the vows segment from their Kiawah Island wedding video.





The wedding video package that Kristin and Adam chose was our documentary video package with 5 hours of coverage and a single videographer. Click here for more details on our Kiawah Island wedding videos.

We also enjoyed seeing and working with Kelli Nixon with Kelli Nixon Photography. Kelli and Bill are good friends of our but just moved to Colorodo. Luckily, they still operate their business in Charleston so we still get to see them from time to time!!

You can see a few of Kristin and Adam’s wedding photos by visiting Kelli’s Wedding Photography Blog.


Charita Minniefield and Lyndon Rouse, Jr. were married at the Outreach Family Fellowship in Florence, SC on 10/17/09. A wonderful reception also followed at the Florence Little Theater which was just up the road from the church.
Congratulations Charita and Lyndon!!

Below are two clips pulled straight from Charita and Lyndon’s wedding video. The first clip shows the the custom vows that they had for each other which was very sweet!! The second video shows their first dance from the reception.

The wedding video package that Charita and Lyndon chose was our documentary video package with 5 hours of coverage and a single videographer. Click here for more details on our Florence South Carolina wedding videos.

We also enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside Paula Player with Paula Player Photography. Marianna actually met Paula via facebook because of our last names being the same so it was great to finally meet her in person. As of yet we have not figured out any relation between Paula and us but we are still working on it!! :-)


Meagan and Andrew were married at the First Baptist Church of Columbia on 08/22/09. A wonderful reception also followed at the church.
Congratulations Meagan and Andrew!!

For their wedding, White Tent Event provided all of the coordinating and design work and did an awesome job as usual. We also had the pleasure of working alongside Brantley and Richard Freeman of All Dressed Up Photography. We always enjoy working with them and really enjoyed producing their Photography Promotional Video last year.

Below are two clips pulled straight from Meagan and Andrew’s wedding video. The first clip shows the preparations segment and the second shows the vows. Both clips show the quality of visuals and audio that you can expect from our high quality documentary wedding videos.


Thumbnail provided by All Dressed Up Photography.

The wedding video package that Meagan and Andrew chose was our documentary video package with 6 hours of coverage and a single videographer. Click here for more details on our Columbia Wedding Videos.


Ashley & Jay’s Highlight Video

posted by jplayer
July 20, 2009 @ 6:31 am

Ashley Brenner and Jay Kirkland were married on 07.11.09 at a beautiful wedding held at The Hall at Canal & Senate. The reception was also at the The Hall at Canal & Senate where Cameron Glover with Big Time Dj’s kept the party hopping until 11:00 when Jay and Ashley departed.

We also had the pleasure of working alongside Erin Sage and her group of assistants from Erin Sage Photography. You can see images from Jay and Ashley’s wedding by clicking here.

Here is the highlight video for their wedding or you can also CLICK HERE FOR MORE SEGMENTS FROM THEIR WEDDING.

Click the expand button for full screen.
Full screen may not work properly on all computers.


Shana and Eric’s Highlight Video

posted by jplayer
July 2, 2009 @ 8:36 am

Shana Funderburk and Eric Dry were married at Immanuel Baptist Church in Lancaster, South Carolina on 05.30.2009. Shana was a beautiful bride and the ceremony was absolutely gorgeous.

A reception followed in the James A Bradley Arts and Sciences Building at USC Lancaster where DJ Vinny Esposito with Split Second Sound and DJ Services kept the party going until 11:00pm.

We also had the pleasure of working alongside Shirley Wedra with Fort Mill Photography, who was Shana and Eric’s Wedding Photographer.

Congratulations Shana and Eric!!

Click the expand button for full screen.
Full screen may not work properly on all computers.



Documentary Wedding Videos

posted by jplayer
February 18, 2009 @ 5:42 pm

We, James and Marianna Player, have owned and operated Absolute Productions and Media since the end of 2006 with a driving passion to create wedding day movies for all of the clients we work with.

During this time we came to realize two very important things. Although many people love the movies we create there were some people that desired a product that stylistically was more simple. “Just a very clean documentation of our day” is what we heard from some. The second important thing was that some peoples wedding budgets just would not allow for a movie but since the editing is so intense and time consuming we also could not afford to discount them.

With these two “problems” in mind, Marianna and I sat down and thought about many ideas to address these issues.

The answer was Player Wedding Films and a completely new product.

Since our movies had honestly become so unique and personalized we felt that transitioning our movie style products to be offered under another name that more accurately reflected our personal style that we put into each movie was a good choice. So, Player Wedding Films was created, and all of our movie style products are now offered under that name.

The new product we decided to offer was a documentary wedding video and this style of video is what will now be offered under the Absolute Productions and Media. We hope that by seperating the two products into two seperate names will minimize confusion that could come with having two seperate products. The documentary videos are built around exactly what we were hearing from some people with the “Just a very clean documentation of our day” comments. Each documentary video is filmed with multiple cameras and then edited into an “as it happened” style video with a heavy emphasis on super clear visuals and audio.

In regards to price, our documentary videos are well within reach for many, if not all, wedding budgets were video is an important aspect. This style video starts at just $1000 and has many options available to further customize these videos in the event that you would like something kind of “In-between a movie and a documentary”.

This blog that you are now on serves to showcase samples that are completed in our documentary style so we hope you enjoy looking around.

If you are interested in our wedding movies instead, you can see these samples by visiting our wedding movie website or our wedding movie blog.

Thanks so much for taking the time to see about these important changes in our company and we hope that these changes will help us better suit you and the exact style of video desired for your wedding.

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